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Owner, Head Trainer

Joseph's natural skill and training of numerous breeds have led him to be a top trusted trainer in canine behavior modification for the greater Tucson area. He implements his unique style through his training approach with dogs facing issues that range from puppy manners to aggression.

The story of Bandana Dog began early on during Joseph's childhood. A lifelong dog lover, raised with German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, he knew his path would eventually lead to a career in professional dog training. In 2009, he adopted his best friend Cisco who is an Australian Shepherd mix and shortly after his Lab mix Bella. While pursuing a healthy lifestyle for his personal dogs and adjusting to Cisco's sudden loss of sight, he became dedicated to the understanding of  canine behavior. Soon after realizing his aptitude with canine handling he began practicing, observing and studying canine behavior. Joseph initiated his new passion by implementing his findings at home with his own dogs along with pets of friends and family members. He has trained under world renowned dog trainers including Tyler Muto and Jeff Gellman. Joseph gained much of his professional training experience while working hands on as the head trainer for a previous dog training business. During this time he was able to train hundreds of breeds and work through a variety of behavioral issues that ranged from severe aggression to separation anxiety. Having his own training style that sets him apart from his fellow training community, Joseph looked towards setting forward on his own path of shaping canine's in need of behavioral modification. His dream was realized at the beginning of 2018, when he began his own training business, Bandana Dog. He is most proud to have developed a regimen and program to fit the goals of each dog and their owner. Joseph believes success is not found through a "cookie cutter" approach but rather a customized process to suit each individual family. The reward is in the relationship he builds with each dog and the difference he makes in their quality of life.



Manager, Customer Relations

Lisa has been a lifelong animal advocate and has rescue dogs of her own. In the beginning years of Joesph's dog training career, Lisa served as an assistant to him on her free time and eventually her love of learning and developing her knowledge of dog behavior was sparked. She enjoys studying music therapy and aromatherapy and implements these elements into her home life for her personal dogs along with interested clients. She earned a Bachelors in Business Management and has many years of experience in Customer Relations and Human Resources. Lisa manages the business side of Bandana Dog Training and is the first person you will talk to when inquiring about our services.




Renee brings with her years of experience and knowledge in overall canine living and health. She finds satisfaction in seeing the dogs that she trains grow in their trust and confidence. Her interest in the canine industry first began as a dog sitter and soon after she realized she was constantly finding excuses to be around dogs. Her past experience working within pet stores led to collection of knowledge specifically regarding breeds and puppy behavior. She is a member of IACP and began her training career under Joseph's lead. Renee’s natural connection with customers and love for dogs make her an all around wonderful trainer.

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