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Previous client and need some brushing up on learned skills? We are here for you.

1 Hour Refresher Lesson

Did your pup graduate from our Board and Train program and you find that you need a few reminders of what you learned? Don't let bad habits get the best of you. Book a refresher lesson with us and get the support you need to continue down the right path to success.

Day & Train (4 Hour Duration)

The perfect candidate for our Day and Train is a dog who has completed a Board and Train program with us and may be straying away from their best behavior. We understand that life can get busy but we are here to keep you on track.

Let us reunite with your dog for a fun time as we brush up on their skills. At the end of their session you will meet a trainer to review what was covered.

Closeup of a Black Dog
Refresher Lesson: Service
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